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❝anna❞ ([personal profile] kues) wrote2012-10-24 12:43 pm

mp3 player code!

This is a repost of a code listed on LJ, but for loading and general problems associated with LJ itself, I'm putting it here on my journal. Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] defedated for the original!

This code works on DW profiles as well as DW entries.

You need to host your .mp3 file remotely, but this is a fine substitute for those who don't want to use muzicons.

There are three colour parameters to replace: loadingcolor, buttoncolor, and slidercolor. Replace these with the six-digit colour code, but don't use the hash tag. They've all been set as 000000 (black) as default. The mp3 parameter has PUT YOUR MP3 HERE, which is self-explanatory. All it needs is the URL, no "" are necessary.

And voila.